We Are The Missing Piece


What We Do

Customer Service Training

We estimate that over 60% of customers don’t return simply because of bad service. Our hands-on approach will give your employees the skills needed to not just satisfy customers, but to also retain them.

Process Improvement

High-performing organizations are built on processes that function properly. A large percentage of service failures are due to process issues, not necessarily “people” issues. HCS will identify broken processes within your organization’s day-to-day operations and create and implement a plan to improve them.

Team Building Workshops

Recruiting exemplary talent is essential; however, that does always translate into a great team. HCS will customize a team building solution that transforms your mix of people, skills and resources into a high-performance team, to fit the needs of your business.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT can be applied at all levels of organizations from the smallest department all the way to the C-suite. Most commonly, SWOT analyses are used to determine how closely a business is aligned with its growth trajectories, success benchmarks, and the overall direction of the business.